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HVAC Design Self-Training Course

Our HVAC Design Self-Training Course will help you to quickly gain the practical skills in HVAC design of industry scale projects other engineers obtain only after five to ten years of work within a consulting company. Everything you need in one package - Design Software, Study Materials, Assignment Projects, Drawings and more! Electronic delivery!


Advanced HVAC Training Course

E-Book 'A to Z HVAC Design for Engineers'

Learn the secrets of rational, math and sequence practiced by the best consulting companies in Canada and USA, designing air-conditioning systems for commercial and institutional buildings. Electronic delivery in easy-to-read pdf format!


A to Z HVAC Design for Engineers

'HVAC Engineering Toolkit'

Unlock the potential for rapid interlinked HVAC systems design with this set of MS Excel coded spreadsheets. Includes the following design tools: 'Design Loads', 'Air Flow', 'Water Flow', ' Comfort', ' Psychrometrics'


HVAC Engineering Toolkit

'Design Loads™' MS Excel Module

This easy-to-use MODULE™  will calculate heating and cooling design loads, size air handling units’ sizes, fans, central and other heating and cooling coils, reheat coils, perimeter radiation, including constant and variable air volume air conditioning systems. Results are presented in printable and easy-to-read tables that can be submitted for permitting.


Design Loands

'Psychrometrics™' MS Excel Module

Why struggle with the inaccurate psychrometric charts? This easy-to-use MODULE™ will quickly and accurately calculate for you detailed air properties in a wide range of temperatures!


Psychrometrics Module

'Thermal Comfort™' MS Excel Module

Use this easy-to-use module to quickly design a comfortable indoor environment as defined by ASHRAE Standard 52 'Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy'


Thermal Comfort Module

'Air Flow™' MS Excel Module

Automatically calculates diffuser jet projections, characteristic lengths, throws, number of outlets, ductwork sizing and more. Produces schedule-type outputs. Can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated with the Design Loads Module™!


Air Flow Module

'Water Flow™' MS Excel Module

The WaterFlow Module™ will calculate piping network sizes for you, taking into account piping materials and fluid temperatures of your choice, and provide intuitive and easy-to-read schedule-type outputs! A Thermal Load Calculator™ is also included, calculating thermal loads carried by direct and reverse return piping systems!


Water Flow Module

Self-study Design Project

Challenge yourself to a complete HVAC systems design scenario. Dont miss the opportunity to see if you can handle the Project Engineer position - you will be given requirements, drawings and milestones. Get peer reviews of your work and professional advice from practicing Professional Engineers of Ontario.


Course Project

Online HVAC Systems Design Tutoring

Get one-on-one consulting from an accredited practicing Professional Engineer as you go along in your studies.


Online Tutoring

Advanced HVAC Design Training Course and MS Excel HVAC Design software.

All of our products are highly flexible and teach deep understanding of HVAC design methodology, built to the latest ASHRAE Standards.

HVAC Design Software is developed by practicing professional engineers to provide for rapid, transparent and verifiable design.

Software is compatible with any MS Excel - no additional software is required!